supports 24-hour online international transfers. Funds may be transferred to any SWIFT-connected bank account in the world within 2-3 business days. Transfers are currently offered in 26 different currencies.

CEBUANA LHUILLIER with 1,800 branches worldwide provides easy, quick and safe money transfer service to meet client requirements. This money transfer service is made available to clients within and outside Philippines. 
*All transactions are in real time, which enable clients to claim the money in a short time after sender completes the sending process.

Top-up card from in real time

i-Card is a great way for you to easily access and utilize your deposits anywhere around the world. You may load your i-Card whenever you wish by following the simple steps shown in your online. Within seconds, regardless of your location or time of day, you may top up your card with the required funds. Instantly, your i-Card is ready to make payments online or in-store, or withdraw local currency from ATMs around the world.

Documents for application

Please submit clear copies of the following documents as respective proof of identity and proof of address. This could either be done by scanning the document or by taking a high-resolution digital photograph.

  1. Proof of identity document (with at least 3 months remaining)

    • Driver's license (Front and back)
    • Passport
    • National Identity card (Front and back)
    • Permanent resident or alien registration card (Front and back)
    • Government-issued photo ID (Front and back)
  2. Proof of address (issued within the last 3 months)

    • Utility bill (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone) that includes your name.
    • Financial Statement or credit card statement (print-offs are not allowed) that includes your name.
    • Tax bill that includes your name
    • Driver's license (Front and back)
  3. NOTE:

    The copy is clear enough to recognize your name, residential address, date of birth and issue of date. Respective document can't be used for both proof of identity and proof of address. All four edges of the copies must be visible.